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transformerComplete lines of standard transformers and power supplies, which also incorporates products to automotive standards and specifications. The modular design of the units allows for easy installation and maintenance during working life.

Standard Product Range:

  • Fixture Type Transformers
  • Transgun / Robot Type Transformers
  • Inverter Power Supply/MFDC/HFDC
  • Impedance Master (IM-91)
  • Weld Current Equalizer
  • Machine Type Transformers
  • Portable Gun Type Transformers
  • Grounding Reactor
  • Tap Switch
  • RoMan Transformer Disconnects
  • Bespoke Automotive Solutions

While RoMan Manufacturing is recognized as the world leader in resistance welding power sources, they haven't lost sight of our number one goal - to satisfy you, our customer.

RoMan continue to set trends rather than follow the paths of others, remaining flexible to meet the needs of our evolving industry and  welcome the opportunity to develop creative solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Most importantly, if you ever have a question or concern, key members of our management team are just a phone call away.


RoMan's design capability comes from a staff of engineers with more combined years of experience than anyone else in our industry.

Though industry is constantly evolving,RoMan’s commitment to customer support will never change.We listen to your needs and offer a full range of manufacturing capabilities, making your customized design requests possible.

We also offer value added services like unmatched technical support and telephone consultation provided by staff members with decades of practical resistance welding experience.

Additional and Warranty information

  • RoMan can repair any brand of welding transformer regardless of the original manufacturer.

  • The repair process is by reverse engineering the transformer during disassembly.

  • RoMan will salvage any parts that can be re-used, and will recycle the rest.

  • If the primary coils are shorted out, they will build custom mandrels to meet the original specifications and wind new primary coils from scratch.

  • In some cases RoMan can even improve on the original design by utilising the latest insulation technology.

  • What you finish up with is a ‘like new’ power source at about half the cost of a new transformer complete with a warranty.

  • RoMan's Repair  Philosophy is ‘Return, Reuse, Recycle’


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